Hey You! Yes You.

     Hey you there,yes I am talking to you.Did you ever receive a letter a letter from Hogwarts? Were you told that you were a witch or wizard and THAT YOU WERE MAGIC . THAT ONE OF YOUR PARENTS TOO CONTAINED MAGIC? Well I am sorry, you unlucky one…..because I am THE MUGGLE MAGIC. There’s nothing like muggle magic. Witches,dwarfs(err Gnomes), wizards all fade in front of Muggle Magic. Muggle magic is so powerful that even Old Voldi went moldy right after a glimpse of it.

Now if you said that you received a letter from MUGGLE MAGIC, I’d be mightily impressed. Not just your average impressed, But MUGGLE MIGHTILY IMPRESSED. Because you reader…….you don’t know how powerful humans are. I’m not a racist, I’m not a liberalist…..I’m nothing like those *ISTs*. I’m just a *HUMANIST*. I believe that each and every single human out there has the power to change. Change comes from good. Every single baby,the day it is born, is good. Therefore every single human by nature,by default, is capable of doing good. I am a humanist, I am the MUGGLE MAGIC, ARE YOU LIKE ME?




3 thoughts on “Hey You! Yes You.

  1. I like you Muggle. You are funny and sweet and kind and all those things that are good for a person and you make me smile. 😀 From now on I will get an email everytime you update your blog, so I guess I am in the Muggle Magic club then? 😆

    • Yep you’ve always been……One of my fave bloggers ❤ 🙂 You're wayyy better than muggle magic. It fades in front of ya girl!! 😀

      • LOL! You’re such a flatterer Muggle but I must confess, you are one my fave bloggers as well! I needs lots of magic Muggle and I am sure I will find it here..hehehe.
        Thanks for your lovely blogs hon. 😀 *big hugs*

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